6 Tips on How to Plan a Successful Corporate Function

A corporate function is something many companies do whether it be to network or celebrate a job well done. There are a few things to keep in mind when planning a corporate function to ensure it is received by the guests the way you had intended.

  1. Make sure your company has a clear business goal for the event– What is the purpose of the event? Celebrating years of service, retirement, accolades, networking, fundraising? Whatever it may be this needs to be the starting point to be sure that it is not an office party, it is a corporate function. Hiring an events manager may be a viable option but there should still be a project manager for the function to keep the ball rolling.
  2. Market your event– You need to advertise your event along with the cause and any sponsors, especially if you are fundraising. Entice your audience, advertise it as the greatest event of the year!
  3. Check your calendar-Check the calendar to make sure your event doesn’t fall on the day of another events that may limit your guests that end up attending the event. Make sure competitors or other large companies that you would like as guests do not have any clashes with your event on their calendar.
  4. Make it memorable– The easiest way to achieve this is by getting the guests involved in a process that may end in them receiving a souvenir of the event. Photo booths are a popular choice as they are easy to use and provide instant gratification to your guests. Alternatively you could use a cut out that matches your theme where guests can interact and have their photograph taken.
  5. Don’t let anything go to waste– Have to-go bags or boxes. There is no use in paying for expensive catering if half of the food is going to go to waste.
  6. Work with a Theme– People seem to thoroughly enjoy a themed event. This brings people out of their shells as they can spark new conversations with people about the Décor.

Attracting people to your event should be your main focus. Be creative, get interesting speakers and encourage people to have fun!